Love Gel, Anyone?

I don’t get many funny search requests any more but this one is good —

Ingredient for Cherry Liquid Love Gel

Perhaps if they had used quotes around part of the name, they would have had better results. I hope they weren’t disappointed to find the clear lemon filling recipe instead! 😉

Life’s a little busy here so I may not post much in the next week or so. The Husband’s Maternal Grandmother (last grandparent) has passed away and it looks like he and the Tartlets are headed to Montana later in the week while I’m at the ladies’ retreat. I hope to be back later with an entry for the next Sugar High Friday event.

Next week is Thing 2’s 8th birthday and, rather than cake, she requested these chocolate flowers filled with ice cream, topped with whipped cream, and a cherry on top. The girl is developing good taste!

Oh My!

Since I switched this blog over to just food, I don’t get strange search engine requests very often, but today . . .  today I did.  And it’s not b/c of wording, like ‘ancestral curses soup’ or something.  Someone wants to know:

How many Yrs can one freeze chicken.