Tea Party Trinket

For Tartlet 2’s tea party last week, she was to bring a tea setting and a napkin ring. Since we didn’t have any napkin rings on hand, I went to my sewing/crafting stash and we were able to produce this, a ‘found art’ project. The actual ring is the cardboard center of a ribbon spool (top and bottom paper pieces removed). Then, using my hot melt glue gun, I covered it with a piece of silky fabric (a leftover from a Civil War era dress my mom made *9* years ago!), tucking the edges of the fabric over the cardboard and into the inside of the spool and gluing it in place. Around the top and bottom I glued a piece of lace edging and covered the straight edge with ribbon. Then I used the same ribbon to make a bow and glued it to the center of the spool, using the ribbon rose to hold it in place. Finally, we added extra roses to the ends of the ribbons. Tartlet 2 didn’t use the glue gun much, but helped direct the project. She thought it looked nice with a napkin with a Battenburg lace corner.  The placemat you see in the photos was a handwoven gift from my Mom’s friend about 16 yrs ago.