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While I’m away at the beach this week, I wanted to get ready to celebrate the blog’s 3rd birthday!  26 May will be three years since my first food post.  The blog has changed a little over the years, hopefully for the better, but I often come back to the same cookbook over and over again, the source for my first post. Although the Muffin Cookbook is out of print, I managed to procure three copies in very good condition to give away at the end of the month. All you have to do is a leave a comment telling me the name of your favorite muffin at the end of this post and you will be entered to win! I’ll use a random number generator to select three winners. Thanks for reading!

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  1. When working at an old job, there was a bakery I used to pass on my way to work that had a low-fat-yogurt-apple-spice muffin – it was so moist and sinfully delicious!

  2. Definitely blueberry! There’s a little coffee shop in the lobby of my work and they have giant, moist, delicious blueberry muffins. I wish I could eat them every day, they are sooo good.

  3. Maple Bran. They are heaven!

  4. I am pretty simple, I love a chocolate chip muffin with a tall glass of milk!

    Congrats on your blogaversary!

  5. good ole’ banana nut or blueberry!
    i would LOVE to have the cookbook 🙂

  6. I love Pumpkin muffins! I also love cookbooks!

  7. I just made a deliciious Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin, so I want to say that, but I think the Apple Pie Muffin i made for the teacher’s last week was even better.

  8. I Love Pumpkin muffins =)

    Please enter me in the giveaway, what a super prize!

    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  9. I love any muffin that has maple or orange involved. Happy Blog-iversary!

  10. I loove orange marmalade muffins!! Especially with butter…mmm. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  11. Chocolate Chip are my favorite!

  12. It’s hard to pick… but my mom makes wonderful poppyseed muffins (with no lemon involved) that bring fond memories of being a kid at home.

    And I really do like pear spice muffins a lot, too!

  13. Blueberry!! I’m not sure how I came across your blog in the first place, but this is by far one of my favorite places to find recipes! Thanks!!

  14. Good ole standby – blueberry – lots of blueberries.

  15. Oh, definitely blueberry with a streusel topping. Our blueberry bushes produced sooo much last year, and I never got tired of making/eating those muffins! 😀

  16. Oh, my favorite would have to be pumpkin muffins. I love everything pumpkin.


  17. I’d vote for pumpkin muffins myself – with plenty of cream cheese along side…

  18. I have good memories of my quantum mechanics final (?!) my senior year of college because my friend Sara baked amazing bran muffins (that really are not actually healthy even though they have “bran” in the name…) and brought them in to our last-minute study session in a basket lined with a checked cloth napkin. That was a great study group, and those were some great muffins.

  19. Cranberry Apple with pecans are my favorite muffins.

  20. My favorite muffin is Blueberry. I like Gail gand’s recipe here:

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