Just Call Us ‘The Apple Dumpling Gang’

Hopefully you’ve see the movie, but I’m talking about something else. 😉 Saturday night Lisa of Champaign Taste, under the sponsorship of FoodBuzz for their 24, 24, 24 event, hosted a dinner for a few Champaign food bloggers at The Apple Dumpling in Urbana.

I had never been to the Apple Dumpling before, so I was looking forward to trying out a new place. They specialize in Midwestern home-style food. I had the fried chicken, a baked sweet potato (with brown sugar, mmm!), the salad bar, and, of course, the name-sake dessert, which was oooh, so gooey and delicious but I couldn’t finish either the main course or the dessert and even The Husband was too stuffed to help me out, as he usually does.

So, go check out Lisa’s post, complete with videos and photos (I’m hiding in the back and The Husband is sitting at the end of the table). You may find yourself saying, “Mr. Donovan, I gotta goooooo!” (get an apple dumpling, that is!) 😉


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  1. That’s cute — the Apple Dumpling gang. I’d never heard of that movie before! The dinner was fun, and I’m so glad we all got together.

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