Papa Del’s Pizza

A couple of days before Christmas, on a terribly cold and icy night, we decided to ditch cooking and get a pizza. The Husband chose Papa Del’s, which is a popular pizza place in Champaign. I had never been there and slid my camera in my bag on the way out the door, a rare event in dining out for me. Like many families who live here year-round, we tend to avoid Campustown like the plague, and several friends have commented that college breaks are an excellent time to visit on-campus dining establishments. An icy night may not have been the best choice, but the restaurant was mostly empty and we were squeezed between two other tables; I’m sure it must have been to avoid having to seat people next to the windows.

The Husband chose a family sized signature pizza with sausage, pepperoni, and bacon and an order of garlic bread. The waitress came with our drinks and then we were very glad The Tartlets were on good behavior and in pleasant moods overall, because the garlic bread took a little while and the pizza took nearly an hour. To be fair, the menu warns that pizzas take 45+ min to bake, but that can be a VERY long time for four hungry children (and their parents and people seated nearby). The cheesy garlic bread was tasty and divided up nicely among the six of us, although the hungry kids thought we could have had more of that. 😉

I’ve had deep dish pizzas before, but Papa Del’s takes that a step further and makes a *really* thick crust. We aren’t huge fans of the thin and crispy crusts (almost cracker-like), such as at Monical’s Pizza, but you need to really enjoy crust to eat a Papa Del’s pizza! It’s like eating two slices of a regular ‘thick-crust’ pizza (the kids either ate one slice or didn’t finish one, rather than the normal eating a couple of pieces, and although I took a second piece, one piece would have been quite enough for me). The sausage and bacon pieces were huge. We took home about half of the pizza. Interestingly, they charge for a take-home box but will wrap the pizza in foil for free. We ate the leftovers for lunch the second day, making the $58 tab (with tip) a little more reasonable, but still a lot of money for a pizza dinner. If you go, I recommend calling ahead to shorten your wait.

Papa Del’s Pizza
206 E Green St
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 359-7700

Mon-Thurs 11:30am-12am
Fri-Sat 10:30am-1:30am
Sun 11am-11pm

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