Overnight in St. Louis

I mentioned before that we spent a night in St. Louis between Christmas and New Year’s and we had a fabulous time.  Now, it’s probably true that if you let us get away for a night sans Tartlets that we’re bound to get a little giddy, and it’s true that there were a few special things about the trip, like getting to pick out a new sofa in a style and color that I like after 14 years with a sofa that I intensely dislike, but even after you consider those factors the hotel/restaurant had it’s own contribution to the excellent night out.

The Husband specifically picked this Drury Inn for it’s Jacuzzi Suite, which we enjoyed immensely 😉 The staff were the most friendly, happy, & helpful hotel staff that I think I have ever encountered. (Shout out to Aaron, et al!) We were given a voucher for 3 free drinks from their guest happy hour (I think it was 5:30 – 7:00 PM, but I’m not sure). The Husband had two Tequila Sunrises and I had two Margaritas and we enjoyed the snack bar filled with various salty snacks, chips & salsa, as well as carrot and celery sticks. They also have free unlimited fountain drinks and popcorn from 3:00 – 11:00 PM. The hotel was nearly empty during our stay so there were only a few other people in the common area and it was a nice start to the evening.

We had decided earlier in the evening, while driving to find a furniture store, that it wasn’t going to be worth it for us to get lost in St. Louis trying to find a restaurant when I hadn’t done any research ahead of time, so we opted for the hotel restaurant, not expecting a lot out of it.

Bartolino’s Osteria was far better than we had anticipated. The staff were very friendly, although The Husband and I were a little surprised to be touched on the shoulder so much when spoken to! There was a little mix-up with the menus as one of us was given an old menu and what we ordered from doesn’t match their website and it’s been long enough that I can’t remember specific details — I had an orecchiette tossed with olive oil, Italian sausage, and sprinkled with cheese and served with broccolini that was very good and The Husband enjoyed his pasta dish that neither of us can remember very clearly. After the pre-dinner snacks in the hotel lounge we were quite full and didn’t have any dessert.  The food was good and reasonably priced, the decor was what I think of as typical for an Italian restaurant, and the wait staff were courteous, making it a very pleasant evening.

Before we headed out in the morning for our day of furniture shopping, we took advantage of the free breakfast — not your typical day old donuts and dry cereal, rather a buffet of Belgian waffles, biscuits and gravy, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and hash browns, as well as muffins, danishes, bagels, and other breads, yogurt cups, and possibly even dry cereal available. There were also the standard orange and apple juices, milk, tea and coffee.

I would heartily recommend a stay with Drury Inns & Suites and/or a dinner at Bartolini’s Osteria if you find yourself in St. Louis, not far from the St. Louis Zoo. I hope to return myself!

Drury Inn & Suites near Forest Park
2111 Sulphur Avenue
St. Louis, MO, 63139
(314) 646-0770

Bartolino’s Osteria
(314) 644-2266

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