Christmas Baking

I am behind in my Christmas baking, but it is finally getting underway.  I started with an easy no-bake recipe, Almond Balls, for a cookie exchange. I have some Sugar Cookie dough in the fridge waiting for me to roll out. I bought all the ingredients to make Chocolate Caramel Cookies, because Christmas isn’t complete without chocolate and caramel.

Of course we’ll make a batch of the Christmas cookie poster child, Spritz Cookies, and it’s sibling, Russian Teacake (or Mexican Wedding Cake or Snowballs, it goes by a number of aliases!).

I’m also pretty certain The Husband will be expecting at least one pan of Nanaimo Bars. Although I sometimes add in different cookies in the Christmas line up, these are family traditions that certain Tartlets would not want to forgo. What’s in your cookie tin?

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  1. After talking to Thing 3 I think that i might make my peppermint pinwheels a tradition. Especially if I get the help of all 4 ladies.

  2. I just love your blog- you can even make potatoes beautiful! Wait- that’s not a potato– I have never had a jicama. I should have asked you bring desserts last night… Maybe next time!

  3. The nanaimo bars are calling my name. Way to catch up on Christmas baking.

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