Bacon Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I was so excited about the Daring Baker sugar play that I forgot to come back and tell you about my Thanksgiving experiment!  When my mom was here we went out to eat so many times that I don’t even remember where it was now, but somewhere (maybe Chili’s?) I had dinner with bacon mashed potatoes and they were so good I wanted to try it at home. Of course I did this on the day I baked the ham and I was doing a little advance prep work for a Breakfast Casserole, so I was also browning some sausage to put in the fridge for another day, and it seemed like we were sampling from all over the pig! The Husband wondered what kind of bizarre menu planning mood I had gotten into, because he didn’t see any vegetables in sight but saw three kinds of meat in progress, and meats that I don’t tend to use frequently at that! Poor man never knows what he’ll encounter when he comes into the kitchen.

For my version, I used about 6-8 lbs of potatoes, half Yukon Gold and half round white (a result of partial bags I had on hand rather than a particular desire for this ratio), peeled, cut, and boiled.  Meanwhile, I browned several strips of bacon and crumbled them.  I tossed most of the bacon grease and, in the same pan,  gently sauteed three crushed gloves of garlic until they were fragrant.  I beat the potatoes with my hand mixer with some butter and milk as I usually do.  Once the potatoes looked relatively smooth, I stirred in the bacon and garlic with a little bit of chives.

It’s not how I’ll make mashed potatoes every time, but it was a tasty treat for a special day.  Tartlet 1 really liked them, but I think Tartlets 3 & 4 prefer plain mashed potatoes.

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  1. Those look and sound so delicious. I must try them soon.

  2. I would love to have you share this wonderful recipe with my readers:

    All my best

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