Carry Out Lunch

After picking up Tartlet 4 from her art preschool, I thought about what was available for lunch at home and decided I was in the mood for something different.  Niro’s Gyros is a place I used to go once or twice a month (after 4 PM buy 2 gyros, get 1 free), but The Husband found the meat far too greasy for his taste and I haven’t been back for a few years, except the couple of times I’ve purchased plain pitas to go with homemade dips for gatherings at home.  Since it was just the kids and I in the car, I steered us toward Niro’s Gyros on Springfield Ave.

One of the things I frequently do when eating lunch out with the kids (not that I frequently do that), is I don’t order drinks and whenever possible I order something large that we can share.  So I ordered the ‘Triple Plate’ (~$11)– a huge pile of meat that is in excess of what is needed for 3 gyros, three pitas, a small pile of sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, two containers of sauce, and it comes with french fries — as well as additional fries and onion rings, and two extra pitas.  The total bill was ~$17.  Because Tartlets 3 & 4 really only needed 1/2 pita each and we didn’t really need the second container of fries, I could have gotten away with less.  As it is, we have enough left in the frig for another gyro.  The kids variously rated lunch as ‘awesome’, ‘superb’, ‘good’ and ‘the best lunch ever’.  It was a nice break from the home routine and a great change from the typical drive-thru options.

Niro’s Gyros
2001 W. Springfield Avenue
Champaign, IL


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  1. I like Niro’s too. I find Zorbas more tasty, but it’s expensive and inconvenient.

  2. hello fruit tart Melody,

    Love the pics of the tart below – how fantastically pretty. 🙂 Is that what you’ve named the blog after? I was going to send you an email asking if you had a good blueberry muffin recipe but I see a recipe in the sidebar that I’m going to try! 🙂 Elijah and I just picked blueberries here and they are soooo yummy. Sending a hug, Julie

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