Ready To Party

As I just mentioned in my last post, we’re getting ready to have friends over. This post isn’t directly related to food, but since food is a major part of having friends over & those friends need a place to sit while they eat, this does count in a roundabout way.   We have had these resin chairs for about 10 yrs; sometimes they’ve gotten wrapped in a tarp for winter, sometimes stored in the shed, but have spent a large part of their lives in the elements.  They look hideous, don’t they?  No amount of soapy water and elbow grease would get them clean.

Two passes with the bleach rag.

Just before we left on our trip to Montana, I was cruising the internet and one click led to another and another and now I have no idea where I saw someone had done this or I would give them credit, but a lady had wiped her old resin chairs with a sponge dipped in a bleach solution and they looked nearly white as new. So I decided I was going to try that before the year was out. Having people over is always a great impetus for projects, isn’t it?

Five passes with the bleach rag.

I made a strong bleach solution and dipped a rag in it and wiped it over the chairs, about 10 times each. The seats made the greatest difference and the arms the least, I think. Then I rinsed them thoroughly with the hose (wouldn’t do for the guests to have stains/holes in their pants, would it?). I didn’t take a picture when I was finished, but while they weren’t quite like new, at least now they look like they’ve only endured the elements for a couple of years rather than 10! 😉

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