Four Is So BIG

Today Tartlet 4 is 4 years old.  (It’s also Grandma’s birthday, but we generally don’t announce her age, even when she’s halfway around the world.)  For the girl who is all princess, we had a little princess party, complete with a cake from the Grocery bakery.  One of THE highlight of a grocery trip is getting to look at the cakes and, oh, what a treat when your birthday finally arrives and you get to pick one out for yourself!  It’s so much more special than having Mom make one; we can have that any day.  And, although I’m sure it’s more expensive, it bothers me less when the kids just eat a little bit of the frosting and toss out the rest of the cake when I purchased it than when I’ve slaved over it for hours myself.  Win, win!  It was a pretty small group, but it was just perfect because all they really want to do is play together, which works out better when it’s not a madding crowd.  Our tradition is that on your birthday, you get to pick the restaurant for dinner out.  Tartlet 4 chose McDonald’s.  Dad was thrilled — at least, I think that gagging sound was him trying to contain his joy . . . 😛

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