Indexed, Finally

I spent several hours over the last few days working on the blog and now you can see a little tab there at the top left of the screen that reads ‘Recipe Index’. I worked my way backward through all 262 posts and if they had a recipe or even a vague description of how I concocted something, I indexed it. Some of the recipes are on the index two or three times, depending on how I thought people might look for things; for example, apple muffins would show up under both ‘apple muffins’ and ‘muffins, apple’. I have *not* checked to make sure that every link works, so let me know if you find a broken one. Hopefully it helps those who have had trouble finding what they want via the search option.

I’ll be back later to tell you about this picture.


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  1. I love these!!

  2. wow, what a lot of hard work. thanks for doing this!! 🙂

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