Back from Big Sky Country

Sorry the last post went from ‘minty fresh’ to moldy green with age! At the end of June The Husband’s Parents took the four Tartlets to Montana and we followed them a week later. Although it’s a long trip from Illinois to Montana (we keep wanting to put a fold in the map so we don’t have to face the drive across South Dakota!), it was good to see the beautiful sights, like the Chalk Buttes:

And to visit with family members we don’t see often enough.

It was a family reunion of The Husband’s Maternal side of the family. Only Aunt Betty, who had gone into to ‘town’, Ekalaka, was missing from the group photo.

Although we were missing several cousins, including all the girls somehow, at least a few were able to get together for the reunion.

On Independence Day, we had a cookout at Uncle Dick’s house and on Saturday, after Uncle Gary (aka Tyke) cooked up a wonderful breakfast of pancakes for the whole crowd, was the actual family reunion picnic, where he was again put in charge of cooking and roasted five 8-10 pound roasts over a fire. I was too busy eating the good food to take pictures of it for you. And I didn’t make anything new and exciting for the trip. I brought along some blueberry muffins to share for breakfast and some chocolate chip cookies for the picnic.


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  1. i’m from Baker, montana (north of Ekalaka) originally. My family initially came to Ekalaka when they came to Montana at the turn of the century. im going home this summer from kentucky. I want to visit the chalk buttes because my grandparents always talked about them and went there but for some reason i never did.

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