Ribs On The Grill

After the vegetarian meal on Sunday, I made a meal fit for any carnivore. I’ve cooked a lot of different meats on my grill but I hadn’t done ribs yet, in part because Thing 1 and I really love ribs and it would be so disappointing to have them not turn out well. Meijer had frozen ribs on sale for $1.69/lb so I bought two slabs to try my hand with them.

Oh, YUM! They turned out perfectly. It was part of my ‘I’m feeling too lazy to cook’ day, so I just used some bottled Famous Dave’s Sweet and Zesty sauce, our current favorite. Too bad Thing 1 has a sore throat and a little cough because I don’t think she enjoyed them fully. If she were healthy, I’m not sure there would have been leftovers! 😉

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