Where’s The Fruit?

Sorry to have gone missing for so long! The Husband’s parents came for a week to celebrate Thing 1’s 11th birthday at the beginning of the month. I didn’t have anything to post from that because she requested a lemon torte from the Grocery Store Bakery. It pains The Husband when the kids ask for store-bought treats rather than Mom’s, but I understand. Mom makes stuff all the time; we only buy bakery items on rare occasions like birthdays.

Thing 1 with pink cheeks from running around and playing with her friends during her princess party.

I did make some real food while The In-Laws were here, but I didn’t take photos and I don’t have recipes to share. We did some things like go out to the property and burn leaves and junk, measure out an area which might be the future house site and the garden area, and roast hot dogs/brats and marshmallows over the fire. The Husband played with his tractor just long enough to get it ‘in the stuck’, as he calls it.

After The In-Laws left I made a cake for Ramona, but there’s more to tell about that later, so for now I’ll just tease you with a couple of pictures of the outside. Then, by his special request, I made another Turtle Cheesecake for Jason’s ordination, as well as some Double Apple Bars (I updated that post with a photo today), and white chocolate popcorn.

The kids have been doing CAT5 testing this week and the weather is turning lovely and we want to be outside all the time, but I hope to be back later in the week with more about this cake!


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  1. the cake is delicious. 🙂 i find myself rationing out the cake so i can have more later. 🙂 i was nice enough to share the leftovers with nat and crystal though. 🙂

    i’m wondering if you used almond extract if that would taste more like the cake i usually get from the Chinese bakery. regardless, the orange extract was quite lovely. 🙂

  2. ooh, so it was *you* who made that glorious popcorn for the after the ordination service! I *LOVE* that stuff!! It was all I could do to keep myself from just taking the whole bowl, sitting down crosslegged on the floor, and devouring it all by myself!

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