Six Families

Six families describe their grocery budgets. I spend a lot on groceries, in part because there are six of us, in part because we entertain, in part because I buy lots of meat, fruits, vegetables, and Lactaid milk (at $7.00/gal it’s a lot more expensive than gas but at least I don’t buy 20-30 gal/month!), etc. Anyway, I thought this was interesting, like the photos that show what a family has in their household, etc.


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  1. My god, you never think about the price of food in other countries and how badly people are affected! Myself and my husband spend between 60 – 80 euro a week on shopping and this includes everything but prices have definitely gone up in the last while, what used to be 60 a week is now 80 etc. Really makes me think!

  2. This reminds me of two books, “Hungry Planet” and “Material World”, both of which are great eye openers to how the rest of the world lives. I won’t describe our food bills, what with 5 “adults” and 4 children in the house, but we eat well and don’t eat out often. Now I’m off to look at your cheesecake recipe for dd’s bday!

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