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Sadly, my bout with the flu took place during the week I had planned to make doughnuts (or, as I sometimes call them, ‘do-nots’) with Peabody and Tartelette. I was so bummed because I *love* doughnuts and had been craving them for some odd reason. The Husband takes the kiddos with him to Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday morning when they help with set-up at church, but I rarely buy donuts. I kept thinking that even after the challenge was over I wanted to make doughnuts because I had so looked forward to it. But, instead, I found myself with little energy or desire for baking for nearly two weeks.

Unfortunately, that included this month’s Daring Baker challenge — Julia Child’s French Bread. *sigh* I knew Mary would have a yeasty beasty challenge for us and after my success with the potato bread, I was ready to tackle those little beasties again. It’s a really LOOOOONG recipe but make sure you go check out all the lovely results others have posted.

As a kid, I used to laugh at Julia Child’s show and her unusual voice as she demonstrated various basics of good cooking, even through some disastrous events like dropping something and picking it up and tossing it back on the plate.  She had such a great attitude about it, maybe something to do with that glass of wine she kept nearby.  Friends of ours in NM told the story of how the wife was making dinner for the future husband with her aunt and uncle (who raised her after her parents were killed in an auto accident).  She and the aunt were in the kitchen while the men talked in the living room and she dropped the meat on the floor and let out a little scream. Her aunt calmly told her to pick it up, clean it off and serve it. What they don’t know, won’t hurt them. Clearly, she was of the Julia Child school of cooking. Now that everyone is healthy again in our house, I’m looking forward to the next challenge.


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  1. Too bad you were not able to participate. This was an excellent recipe and definitely worth making over and over. Hope you get to try it out soon!

  2. Oh, I’m sorry you still aren’t feeling well. I hope when you are better you will give the recipe a go! I loved the story too.

  3. Missed you on the challenge- glad yyou’re feeling better! 🙂

  4. Thanks, ladies! Some day I’ll have to tackle that recipe — it looked way to intimidating when I was recovering.

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