Hello again! Yes, I’m still alive. Remarkable as that might seem after such a long silence. I think my version of the flu lasted longer than the 5 days forecast by the doctor and Thing 3 got some Tamiflu just a few hours after the first sign of fever but it still dragged on with her for a few days, Thing 4 had fever off and on for a few days, Thing 2 had a fever for less than 48 hrs, and finally, just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Husband had fever and achy, tiredness for several days. I’m sure he’s hoping for a better gift from me next year. Somehow Thing 1 managed to come out of it unscathed! After nearly two weeks of Ick, we’re ready for spring and good health. It will be a long time before I’m interested in chicken noodle soup or hot tea. The salsa I ate from Dos Reales last night was just the thing to get the blood flowing to the taste buds again!

Gabi at The Feast Within has tagged me for a 5 Things Meme, relieving me of the pressure to produce some fantastic post after such a long absence.

1. When I was a kid, my family were Jehovah’s Witnesses and some weeks after the Sunday meeting my dad would take us out to eat on the way home, stopping on the Golden Mile at either the McDonald’s or the Burger King. My dad frequently ordered either 2 Fillet O’Fish at McD’s or a fish sandwich at BK (was it called a Whale something?). I don’t remember eating fish (other than canned tuna) at home as a kid. I liked going to BK and wearing the paper crown home! 😉

2. My first summer job was working as a Kelly Girl. I worked for a trucking company, processing new driver applications and checking references, etc. The office was on the second floor of a truck stop, where the rooms had only recently been rented by the hour. I may have learned more in that summer job than I did in my four years in college!

3. I went to a “private women’s college” (or ‘all girls school’ to the less snooty), thanks to a lot of grants and scholarships. I double majored in history and chemistry at Hood College. It has recently gone co-ed.

4. The Husband and I were married at the Dona Ana County Courthouse by a Probate Judge on 11 September 1992. We had the date before terrorists made it notorious.

5. My first job after getting my Master’s Degree in analytical chemistry was with Kelly Temporary Services (again!), filing, stuffing envelopes and, eventually, processing new business applications for an insurance company. I started at $4.60/hr. The Husband told me I had a POW mentality as I would sit there stuffing envelopes, trying to remember all the French I had learned in high school, or mentally processing an ‘unknown sample’ through the qualitative analysis scheme. The one thing I came away with from that job was being able to say in Spanish, “My, what a terrible cough you have!” One of the women I worked with said that every time someone coughed or sneezed. It’s the most Spanish I know and it’s almost entirely useless.

Well, the rules now call for me to tag 5 more people, but most of the blogs I frequent have already done this. So I’m going to open it up to those who blog and lurk here as Gabi has. If you have a blog and are usually anonymous here, consider yourself tagged and leave a message in the comments to let us know you will play along!


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  2. Wow History and Chemistry- what great “little grey cells” you must have- I’m completely impressed! Thanks for playing and I’m glad the tastebuds are craving more spritely fare- it’s a good sign.
    Take care!

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