Nanaimo Repeats

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars

Unlike some people, I like repeats. Or at least I like some repeats. I don’t want to break my leg again or be in another car accident or go through labor and delivery again. For some things once (or four times, in the case of the latter) is enough. But some things can bear repetition. Muffins, cookies, and pies, some things just taste good enough to have again, just like they were, or close to like they were, the first time, the second, the thirty-second. I wouldn’t want to eat them every week, but Nanaimo Bars are a tasty treat that are requested from time to time. I made some for Crystal last week, now that she can have the occasional egg, and The Husband suggested I make some for the student lunch yesterday. So I made three trays — orange, mint, and peanut butter.

Mint Nanaimo Bars with Andes Candies

Now we’ll take a break from Nanaimos and try something else. Like, pie. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy these links. First, Cooking Debauchery made Alton Brown’s Browned Butter Chocolate Chip-Cherry Cookies, which I saw on Tastespotting with the label “not your average chocolate chip cookie”. Secondly, you simply must see Megnut’s Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie. Thanks to MN for sending me the link.


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  1. Hey~ I missed that recipe first time around. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. i was surprised that there were so many left. 🙂 i’m sure your husband polished them off. 🙂

  3. My roomie made a mint version of these. She put Andes Mint Chips in the chocolate top layer. Unfortunately, they were for HER bible study. She did give me a nice big piece. It was yummy.

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