Wow! Just. Wow.

There are three reasons for this post. First, let me just say, “Wow!” Oh, right, I already did. I’m so overwhelmed though, that I keep repeating myself. Someone posted my chocolate flowers on TasteSpotting and I have gotten a HUGE number of page hits today (like 4-5 times a normal day) . So, thank you to Pinkmipaw and the many visitors. I’ve never been to TasteSpotting before and if you haven’t either, let me just warn you now that it’s all food porn. I feel honored to have my shadowy picture be placed with some really fantastic food pics — it looks like a collection of magazine photos. And check out the Pac-Man Cupcakes! So cute!

Secondly, I’m making a couple of meals for new moms again in this week and I usually try to give them some muffins too, so they have a little something for breakfast  and have one less thing to think about. I was making some of these muffins and decided to add a little of the lime zest I have tucked in the freezer, rather than using lemon. And that’s just another ‘Wow’. Man, is that good! I love lime and blueberry together and in these muffins, it is just perfect. I might never make them with lemon again. Well, I probably will, but I think lime just became my new favorite.

And lastly, look what the mailman just brought me! I finally ordered it. With Brilynn’s constant praise for this book, not to mention seeing it on nearly every food blog in the blogosphere, I asked for it for Christmas and when I didn’t get it, I decided to buy it myself.  Let the Dorie Love begin!


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  1. You’ll love this book! It’s one of my favorites on my bookshelf!

  2. Those muffins looks great! Thanks for the Pac-Man/ TasteSpotting link.

  3. Oh I *love* that cookbook!! It’s my favorite baking book by far!! Have Fun!

  4. YES!!! It’s about time you got that book, just seeing the cover has me itching to bake from it right now!

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