Won Good Soup!

This past weekend both Things 1 and 4 had fevers and tummy ickiness and the rest of us just felt generally worn out. So, while I was in The Grocery Store Saturday AM, I decided to add a little Chinese remedy for what ailed me/us. Won Ton soup. Ever since I was a kid, the only Chinese soup I liked was won ton (well, some restaurants also had one with lots of baby corn, mushrooms, peas, etc — Velvet soup? and I liked it too). True, I’ve never been a huge fan of soup in general, but egg drop just looked vile to me and sweet and sour was too spicy and brown. But, of course, to a kid who loves potstickers, something that looks like potsticker soup sounds perfect. Or as one friend called it — Chinese Tortellini Soup. It has lots of good things for the ill — chicken broth, garlic, ginger . . . mmm!

I probably haven’t made won ton soup in more than 5-6 years, so I was winging it in the grocery and the kitchen. It wasn’t quite my idea of ‘perfect’, but it was good. The youngest three turned up their noses, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

Thing 1 didn’t get to enjoy the added benefit of the ‘potstickers’ I made with extra wontons. They had a hard time in the frying because a won ton wrapper is no where near as thick as a potsticker, but they were good. And you smother them in that wonderful sauce of soy sauce, garlic, chopped dried peppers, and a dash of sesame oil . . . divine! Even The Husband enjoyed the lunch and he’s usually not much of a fan of Asian foods. We wiped those out pretty quickly, so there were no leftovers for Thing 1 when she began to feel better.

Won Ton Soup

Won Tons:
1 lb pork
splash of cooking wine (optional)
2-3 Tbsp. soy sauce
1/2 can water chestnuts, finely minced
3-4 green onions, cleaned and finely chopped
clove of garlic, finely minced
a little fresh grated ginger
1 pkg won ton wrappers

Mix first seven ingredients together and fill wrappers with a teaspoon or so of meat mixture. Fold won tons to make a triangle, pressing the edge sealed with a little water or egg, then pull the corners from the long side together and press.

2 qts chicken broth
soy sauce to taste (2-4 Tbsp)
minced garlic
ginger slices (I did this so I could easily pull it out b/c the kids don’t like it much)
bunch of green onions, sliced

Heat the broth to boiling and add dumplings. Allow them to simmer for 15-20 minutes. Supposedly, when they come to the surface, they are cooked, but I usually let them cook a little longer just to be on the safe side.

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  1. Beautiful soup. It sounds like a perfect cold remedy. My husband is master of hot & sour soup in my house, but I bet I could pull this one off.

  2. I need to make wonton soup because the things they use to fill wontons here in Peru are well, gross. Couple of questions, pork? ground or chopped? Any advice? any fitting substitutions for water chestnuts? I have bought them here and they were just not the same. I would like to try this soup, it does sound easy and good!

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