Frosty Was An Egghead!

I seem to be on a Daring Baker rerun kick, but ever since I made the December Challenge and had such success with the mushrooms, I wanted to make snowmen. I had hoped to make little gum paste carrot noses, but my overbaked meringue was so fragile, I didn’t think I could pull it off today with other multi-tasking going on in the kitchen.

The kids were thrilled with these. I melted a few chocolate chips in a zip baggie and snipped the corner off to make a decorating bag to apply the ‘coal’ dots. I dipped toothpicks in chocolate for the arms.

As I said, the meringue was fragile, so twice I managed to crush a snowman while attaching the arms. Like a page out of Calvin and Hobbes, here is the Anne Boleyn snowman:

If I make a yule log again, I’ll definitely make a couple of snowmen to go with it.  I tried making a couple of bowler hats, but I squished them. 😦


5 Responses

  1. You squished the bowler!? That’s funny, considering the Bowler’s original purpose.

  2. Those are too cute!

  3. So adorable!

  4. So darling! Man, you are creative. Love the Calvin & Hobbes snowman!

  5. MN — sad, but true. They were so fragile and I was rushing around like an ox and *poof* crushed meringue balls all over the place.

    Thanks ladies!

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