Enjoying the Holiday

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We had a good family day, overall. I don’t like turkey very much so I bought a frozen turkey breast and cooked it so we could have it sliced for sandwiches for simple meals this weekend, but for our family Thanksgiving meal I made a small ham, mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy — not all the extras of a traditional feast, but ham and mashed potatoes are special enough. For dessert we had French apple pie. I don’t know what supposedly makes it ‘French’; we always called it ‘crumb top pie’. It’s probably my very most favoritest pie. I had really nice Braeburn apples for it, too.

On Thursday, we did a little yard work, had our dinner, and went out to our property to have a bonfire with another family. It was cold and windy but The Husband had quite a fire going so we were able to last a couple of hours before our napless wonders started to reach meltdown stage. We had taken separate cars and the truck so the kids and I took off and left The Husband to tend the fire. A couple of hours later, as I was putting the kiddos in bed, I got a call from The Husband. Could I come pick him up? He had a flat tire and was walking home. So, I gathered up the kids and we drove out to pick up The Husband.

Friday, I actually got up at 3:47 AM to go to the Kohl’s sale (starting at 4 AM). I missed out on the comforter I was hoping to get, but did get a couple of other things. I got home around 7:30 AM (I also had to go to Meijer and get dishwasher detergent — who runs out of dishwasher detergent on Thanksgiving? Me!) and The Husband went out for his own Black Friday experience — he got himself two new pairs of shoes! We went out to change the tire on the truck and checked the mileage — The Husband had walked about 5 miles before he found a house with lights on Thursday night.

Put the spare tire (which had been handily stored in the shed at home — with the jack!) on the truck and . . . guess what? It was flat too!! Seriously. So we went back to town and bought a tire. Fortunately, there are no long lines at the tire store on Black Friday! 😉

We also bought a cell phone. We are renouncing our Luddite ways and entering at least the latter part of the 20th century, if not quite embracing the 21st yet. I still don’t know the cell phone number, though! It’s really meant to be more of an emergency usage thing than everyday, so don’t expect a call soon. It’s turned off.


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  1. That stinks about the flat tires. That happened to my roommate a couple months back and it is really frustrating. Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time I checked my flat. I should probably do that. Thanks for the ride the other night. I feel bad about being cranky about the train. At least I didn’t have to walk in the cold.

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