Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today The Husband marked another year.  The kids have been quite anxious to help him celebrate.  Tartlet 1 and Tartlet 2 made and decorated most of the cake themselves.  After some disagreement, I had a moment of genius.  I pulled out a box of Funfetti cake mix and a box of Devil’s Food cake mix and each girl mixed up a box and we swirled it in a pan.  I did the crumb coat and base frosting and attempted some guidance at decorating.  I thought they did pretty well for 8 & 10 on a first attempt.  Tartlet 1 did the bottom edge, the lettering and the impromptu decorations on the left side;

Tartlet 2 did the top border, the car (I outlined it for her), and the additional decorations on the right side.

Although I struggled at times in the decorating (don’t just throw it at the cake!), it was nice to give them a chance to try it for themselves, rather than aiming for my version.  Since  The Husband is always talking about giving people spankings for their birthday (what kind of warped person does that?!), Tartlet 1 reveled in giving Dad 42 spankings as he leaned over to blow out his candles. 😉   Happy Birthday, Dad!


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  1. That’s very cute! I remember we used to get birthday spankings too – from school! (not hard, thankfully!). Happy birthday to your husband!

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