Yummy Yogurt!

I make yogurt periodically and it seemed like the best solution for having purchased too much milk last week. The Husband ate all my yummy Stonyfield Farms vanilla yogurt so I decided to try something new in my yogurt making. Typically I just make plain yogurt. I scald the milk and cool it, adding the yogurt cultures when it’s around 110 F.

This time, I added 1/2 c. sugar and half of a vanilla bean split down the middle to a gallon of milk. I heated the milk mixture to 200 F and cooked it at that temperature for 10 minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon,. Then I cooled it quickly by placing the pot in the sink with a water/ice bath. When it reached 112 F, I pulled it out of the cooling bath and removed 1 c. of milk. I mixed about 1/2 c. of plain Dannon yogurt with the milk and then added the mixture to the large pot (which was now at about 110 F) and stirred well. I strained the yogurt as I poured it into a large plastic container. I loosely covered the container and wrapped it with kitchen towels to insulate it and set it near the oven, which was warm.

After four hours, I tasted it and put the container in the fridge. It has a nice smooth texture and yet set up fairly well for a yogurt made without gelatin, pectin, or powdered milk. It doesn’t have too much whey and the vanilla was a perfect addition. I’ll definitely do this again.

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