An Evening Out

Unlike many of my favorite foodies, I don’t tend to carry my digital camera with me to dinner out.  So, I don’t have pictures of the lovely foods we had last night. The Husband hired a sitter and took me to my favorite restaurant in town, Radio Maria, which now has a website, complete with menu!

For an appetizer we had the Aguacate Relleno, something we’ve had before and both love. I’m going to have to learn to make something like it b/c avocados are one of The Husband’s favorite things. It and my entree went well with the glass of Kung Fu Girl riesling I had.

The Husband had the Peppercorn Tuna and I had the grilled portabella mushroom stuffed with pistachio-spinach pesto. Mmmm. I didn’t taste The Husband’s tuna, but my mushroom was just perfect. Sooooo good!

For dessert we shared a sampler (just 3-4 bites of each kind) of three of their chocolate desserts: a chocolate cream pie drowning in chocolate sauce, a milk chocolate brownie equally drowning in a dark chocolate sauce so the ‘milk chocolate’ flavor was lost, and a wonderfully smooth chocolate plantain ice cream (obviously my favorite of the three).

It was a lovely way to celebrate the first 15 years together.

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