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After we came home from our vacation this summer, I found a plant growing in the patio where a brick was missing. It seemed like a recognizable plant, so I let it keep growing. In fact, it looked a LOT like a tomato plant. A few weeks more and I could smell that it was a tomato plant. I don’t know if a kid just dropped a little grape tomato on the patio or if someone spilled a cut tomato from a salad or how the seed ended up right where it did, but I couldn’t pull it out. I really ought to transplant it to a container. Especially now that I’ve found this:


I can’t wait to see if it actually bears fruit! What a fun, random thing to find!

We really like tomatoes here. In fact, aside from the obvious nutritional and intestinal reasons, Thing 4 could probably live on tomatoes alone. Well, maybe toss in a few grapes and pears and she would consider it a perfect diet.

Today is our anniversary (15 yrs) and I thought we were going to wait to go out on Friday (free college baby sitters, how can we pass it up?!) so I planned a little special dinner for today. Since we *are* going out tonight, I made part of the dinner last night (steak kabobs) and will save part to make another day (crab cakes). When the tomatoes I usually buy were exceptionally foul this week, I picked up this special box for our salad:


They are so cute!


I think I should save a few seeds and see what we can grow at home! 😉

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  1. Alice’s Dad is a SeedSaverâ„¢, and I know he grows a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes. I don’t know if any are tiny like those, but we could probably get you hooked up.

  2. MN — when I read your comment I first thought you were being sarcastic with the TM. But http://www.seedsaver.org is an interesting site! At some point we hope to have a garden at the new property, but I really need a well first or there’s not much point in planting anything. I’ll have to bookmark that info for future reference.

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