Nice Neighbors

One of the meanings of my neighbor’s name is “helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering” and yesterday she certainly lived up to that name. Yesterday, as I was lying on my heating pad, I got a call from my neighbor offering to bring us dinner. How could we resist such an offer? She brought us a pasta casserole, garlic toast, and green salad. I wish I had a good picture to share with you, but we dug into it and didn’t think about photos until after I had transferred the leftovers to a storage container.  So you don’t get to see the pretty topping, but you can see all the yummy things inside.  Between the Awana kick-off dinner tonight and leftovers, I probably won’t have to cook until Friday! 😉


The kids, who frequently claim to hate green peppers and mushrooms (more for The Husband and I!), didn’t seem to notice them.  Thing 4 exclaimed, “This is YUM!  The food they bringed us is just YUM!”  Thing 2 shared her pearls of wisdom, “I think Mrs. D. is a good cook.  I’ve decided it’s best to eat the food of good cooks.”

So, thank you, Mrs. D. & family & the friend who helped deliver dinner.  It was much appreciated!

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