Memo to Self

I seem to have a bad case of what The Husband calls ‘Blogger’s Back’ — too much late night computer use with my chair, keyboard and monitor aligned to cause a kink in the middle of my back. 😛 So I’m afraid I don’t have anything fabulous for you today.

Last week, on Thursday, I made this for dinner:


I love stir fry. However, I need to remember not to make it on Thursdays. The Husband always bicycles to work, but on Thursday he first bikes to Panera in the morning to meet someone for bagels and then bikes into work, something that adds more than a mile to his normal path, I think. He’s also meeting someone at lunch and, for reasons I don’t understand, he bikes all the way to downtown and back to his office, which adds lots of miles to his normal day. Because he also has a fear of becoming overweight despite his higher than average metabolism, he tries to avoid eating snacks, even when he begins to shake with low blood sugar. He came home this week and ate 1/2 pound of cheese before dinner and the stir fry was still not filling enough! So the moral of that story is no stir fry on Thursdays and to pack his Thursday lunch so he makes it through the day.

I need to make him lunches like I did today:


grilled cheese stuffed with ham and green chiles. I think that’s his favorite grilled cheese sandwich and two or three of those keeps him going! 😉 That, some yogurt, fruit juice, and a few leftover peanut butter bars should do the trick nicely.

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