Experiencing Technical Difficulties

AT&T was experiencing some technical difficulties that result in infrequent phone and computer connectivity for a week. A week without the phone I can survive *IF* I have the internet. A week without internet is a near-death experience for me. 😉

I’ve done a little cooking and baking but it’s been hot. I’ve done some grilling and made these roasted vegetables:


which we shared with Ramona, Nat, and baby. I made them other stuff too but there are no pictures. The veggies were so colorful and bright — you can get three of your 5-a-day colors right there. I tossed them with a little balsamic vinegar and some Italian seasons and roasted them until tender-crisp.  Quick and easy.

After that I was busy with some other projects. We’re hosting the big Student Welcome party on Sunday so I baked 6 dozen brownies, 4 dozen peanut butter cookies, and a couple dozen chocolate crinkle cookies. Some of the peanut butter and chocolate crinkle cookies were consumed with the lunch I packed for the Quad Day crew. I have a couple of other things that I may or may not get done before Sunday . . . I really need to do some cleaning too, not just play! 🙂

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Thing 4’s birthday — she’ll be three on Saturday but I didn’t want back-to-back events so we’re having three other families over for a little cookout, cake and ice cream. According to the forecast, it may be storming. 😛 For weeks Thing 4 wanted a Butterfly Cake but a couple of weeks ago it became a Bunny Cake. So I baked a rectangular cake and decorated it with a pink rabbit. It came out just so-so, nothing fantabulous. I was also toying with some fondant. The first two bunnies I made weren’t so thrilling:


The first one is the one on the right. I thought the mini chocolate chips were going to work well for eyes but they look more like sunglasses. Thing 3 asked about the first bunny — “Mom, is that a bunny? . . . or a . . . goat lying down?” I don’t blame her — I’m not particularly artistic. The next bunny had some better features. Then I had to go help with the paper route because two inserts made the paper as heavy as a Sunday paper and Thing 1 was dramatically demonstrating how she could not possibly carry the bag with 14 papers. I came back and finished a third bunny:


And I’m really pleased with how he turned out. I used a toothpick to put a little black food dye spot for the eyes. I was going to toss the first two and start over with more like the third but the family protested.



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  1. those bunnies are *so* cute!!! i love them all! (especially the “sunglasses”) 🙂

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