Feasting Like Royalty


The Husband is suffering for his work again, this time by going to a conference in Ft. Lauderdale, where it is just as hot and humid as it is here, if not more so. I wish I could sleep well when he’s gone, but I don’t. So, I’m dragging around, tired and unmotivated, and threw some drumsticks on the grill tonight with absolutely no seasoning on them at all. I served it with BBQ sauce (store bought) for dipping, a bag of microwaved frozen vegetables, bagged green salad, and potato chips.

Suddenly Thing 2 perks up — HEY! I didn’t realize we were having a *feast* tonight.

Me: *Feast*?

Thing 2: Yeah! They always have these things at feasts in castles with the kings and queens! Wow! We get to have a FEAST tonight!

So the girls alternated between behaving like “kings and queens” and rude barbarians who grab their drumsticks and growl and smack their lips a lot while they feast.


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  1. i’m sorry that you can’t sleep without husband. you’re more than welcomed to come to our house for sleepless nights too. 🙂 though it hasn’t been too bad (waking up at 2 and then around 4 or 5). 🙂

  2. Ramona: At least I don’t have to get up to feed a baby in the night! 😉 I’m just up late, wandering like a zombie 😛

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