Good Things Come In Small Packages

Today I was delighted to participate in a baby shower for the lovely Mrs. French and the, as yet, unknown Baby French to come. The hostesses chose a French theme for the party and I was asked to bring one savory and one desserty item. Oh, the things that came to mind. But, wanting to keep it to finger foods, I knew early on that this was going to be the perfect time to finally try out the pastry dough recipe that Gattina first posted and then Helen the Tartelette adapted (not to be confused with my four Tartlets/Things).


I won’t copy the recipe here since I used Tartelette’s version, but I will say that 14 g yeast equals two envelopes or 4 1/2 teaspoons and I used three full sticks of butter rather than leaving out roughly 10 g — I don’t use a kitchen scale so it’s purely laziness on my part to keep it simple and put in three full sticks. My other modification was simply in the sizing and fillings.


I wanted them small and dainty for the baby shower so my squares were about 1 1/2 to 2 inches and then I folded in the corners as the recipe directs. I used three different fillings: marionberry preserves, orange marmalade, and cream cheese. I also made a glaze from milk, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla, although I didn’t take any pictures after I added the glazing.


You’ll notice in the tag cloud that ‘yeast breads’ isn’t a common category here because I don’t like my foods to be needy.


Chocolate is one thing — it’s just persnickety. It likes the right temperature and it doesn’t like water and it’s just a tad particular about it’s company. I understand these things. Ask The Husband about the house temperature some day or how likely I am to go sailing even though I love to be at the beach. But generally I find kneady foods to be a pain. Roll, fold, rest. Knead, knead. But this recipe, despite it’s kneading and rolling and resting, will be used again. The Husband liked the cream cheese filling best. I’d like to try a few other things with it also. When I had made all the dough into danish I sighed and said, “I wish I had some more of that dough but I’m not going to start mixing a new batch now” and Thing 1 said, “Oh, you must be having fun! You want to play with it more!” 😉


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  1. Yum! I didn’t want dessert tonight until I read your blog. Now my sweet tooth is crying out!

  2. I’ve made these too! Yours look fabulous!

  3. Donlyn: You should try the danish! 😉

    Brilynn: Oh, I remember your danish. For the rest of you, go check them out:

    Next time, I’ll fill them with the fruit *AFTER* I bake them, rather than before. It looks so much prettier and I’m sure the flavor is better too.

  4. Can you share the recipe for the cream cheese filling?


  5. Huong: I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I made it like cheesecake — cream cheese, a little sugar, an egg beaten smooth and creamy — and then added a spoonful to the middle of the danish before baking.

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