Fresh Corn

It’s not truly summer until there’s fresh corn. Anything else is just hot, uncomfortable weather, not summer. 😉 A month or so ago I grilled corn for the first time. I peeled back the husk and cleaned off the silk, washed the corn, then slid the husk back around the corn and grilled it next to the meat.


The Husband loved it. The kids, not so much. So a couple of days ago I grilled 6 ears of corn for our dinner, but Things 1, 2, and 3 did not eat theirs. Thing 4 loves corn and ate every bit of hers.


To use up the leftover corn, I resorted to an old farm recipe. Fried corn. It’s very simple — cut the corn off the ear (frozen also works), fry in a little olive oil with onion and peppers. We especially like green chiles but the neighbors gave us some red peppers when they left town and they look marvelous with the corn. This is also good with zucchini.



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  1. i luv luv luv corn on the cob…

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