New Math

Tonight we were giving away our last available car seat (yay!) and threw in dinner with it. I didn’t take any pictures of the dinner — grilled citrus chicken, grilled red snapper, mango/pineapple salsa, potatoes, and green salad. For dessert I made a nectarine & blueberry tart but the filling was less than stellar.


I combined approximately equal amounts of yogurt and lemon-lime curd. I thought I bought vanilla yogurt but it was plain but, still, it was very thick Stonyfield Farms yogurt and the curd, of course, was quite thick. Thick + Thick = Thin & Runny isn’t an equation with which I’m familiar. pH shift broke the structure? Maybe Crystal will know what happened. It was also a bit too tart overall, but it lived up to its name!

Thing 1 was pretty funny this afternoon. After I was lamenting the thinness of my filling she suggested that I write a rather large note to myself and hang it by the cookbooks: Do Not Mix Yogurt and Curd for Tart Filling! Then I had her hold a light for me as I experimented with different picture taking and she requested that she get credit for being the photographer’s assistant.

Photography by Fruittart
Photographer’s assistant: Thing 1


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  1. do you think it would have still come out thin if you had let the yogurt strain in a sieve (or cheese cloth) and it had the consistency of greek yogurt? in other words, would thick + super thick = thin & runny still?

  2. Well, it still looks beautiful!

  3. Ramona, you and your sieved yogurt. I will have to go back and look at your curd recipe since all I really remember is eggs and therefore avoid. One question, how did you mix the two?

  4. Ramona: I suppose it depends on what caused the breakdown. I could have tried cream cheese and curd but my thinking was that I would end up with a thick, creamy filling with the yogurt/curd. I think I would just make a different creamy filling that would be a little more sweet next time.

    Peabody: Thanks!

    Crystal: The recipe is basically butter, sugar, lemon/lime juice, and lots of egg yolks. All I did was stir them together with a spoon. Almost instantly they were soft and runny. I was too lazy & cheap to toss it out and start over and just hoped it wouldn’t be too big of a problem. It would work as a sauce to lightly toss with some sweet fruits in a fruit salad — less of it, toned down with very sweet fruits, would be tasty, I think.

  5. Fruity! Look! Look! I made something yummy!

  6. Egana: It looks lovely! 😉

  7. *beams*

    Praise from the master chef is soooooooo sweet!

  8. I was considering altering a pear and yogurt custard pie to be a lemon and yogurt custard pie. I glad I read this first. : ) Ever figure out a way around the new math?

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