Heavenly Dessert

Today I was making a double batch of lemon and key lime curd and do you have any idea how many egg whites that leaves you?? 16. Even if I were a huge fan of egg white omelets, I don’t want to be *that* huge. So when life gives you lemons, make lemon curd; when the lemon curd leaves you with an excess of egg whites, make angel food cake.


I’ve never made angel food cake before. A neighbor gave me a box mix when she was emptying her cupboards but you only add water to it, so it’s still sitting in my cupboard. Rather than searching all my foodie friends’ blogs, I pulled a recipe from the Food Network from Alton Brown.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the volume of the egg whites. I started with my 4 qt Pampered Chef bowl but quickly had to transfer to my Kitchen Aid mixer bowl. It filled my Bundt pan all the way to very top and then puffed about an inch above that when it was baking. At least it’s not the sort of texture that drips out!


When the Husband saw me pulling it out of the pan, he said, “Mmm, what’s for dessert today?”  I told him it was Angel Food Cake and he said sarcastically, “For all of us *angels* to eat?”  If I make him Devil’s Food Cake, I think I’ll have to add a shot of hot pepper or something! 😛  When I asked the tartlets what they thought, Thing 1 said, “Well, it tastes just like store bought.” I asked if that was good or bad and she responded with, “Well, it’s not like, ‘Oh, Yum! I want to eat it all!’ It’s just angel food cake.” Thing 2 said, “Ok, then I’ll eat it all, because angel food cake is my favorite, I think.”

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  1. that’s right… you snooze you lose at my house…

    don’t like it?

    good! more for me!

    Why waste tasty food on the undeserving, anyway, right?

  2. Oh your kids are too cute!
    My husband loves angel food cake. It is his birthday cake every year. This looks great! Just like store bought 😉 lol!

  3. Egana: Yes — there’s never a shortage of hungry mouths willing to take something they think is tasty when a sibling refuses it! I think both Things 1 and 2 are going through growth spurts right now — eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat . . . I can’t shovel the food fast enough.

    Kristen: Thanks! Thing 1 is becoming more interested in ‘food you can’t buy at the store’ while Thing 2 is more gourmand in her taste — Food? Yes, I’ll take 2 servings! Especially anything with fruit and/or sugar.

  4. Fruity: too funny! Kid3 is on a milk and juice fast right now, and has gone through 2 gallons in 3 days!

  5. I’ve been wanting to make angel food cake for months! It is my SECOND favorite dessert…second to strawberry pie! Yours looks so nice and fluffy.

  6. […] 3’s birthday. For two of these I made trifle. At the end of April I made a trifle with Alton Brown’s angel food cake, but in May I made one with a store bought angel food cake and the other I made a gluten free angel […]

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