Another Cooking Light Test

Yesterday, I tried another recipe from the Superfast Weeknight Dinners from Cooking Light. You can find the recipe and a picture for Pasta with Herbed Goat Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes here. Their finished product looked nicer than mine.

Why can’t I remember to read a new recipe *all* the way through? It must be a genetic defect. I didn’t read that serving sizes were 1 1/2 cups, but did see the ‘4 servings’ and 12 oz dried pasta and decided I would have to double it. That’s a lot of angel hair pasta. I only had half enough grape tomatoes for a double recipe, thanks to Tartlet 4 who eats them like candy (hey, it could be worse . . . she could be eating candy!) I added some chopped yellow tomato. The ‘cooking light’ part was no doubt lost here b/c I used more than twice the cheese but ended up mixing it with the amount from just one box of pasta and the right number of tomatoes. I also failed to have either fresh or dried basil on hand so I used some oregano and mixed seasons from the cupboard. Oh, and I also added some frozen green peas.


The kids didn’t like it. And once I said the words ‘goat cheese’ (after they had already eaten the initial portion) they weren’t about to put another bite in their mouths. So they ate some of the extra pasta plain. I used the leftover pasta to make some pseudo-lo mein today. The Husband really liked the goat cheese pasta and wished he hadn’t forgotten to take the leftovers to work. In fact, he commented that he *much* preferred the goat cheese to the lo mein. I like goat cheese and I liked this recipe but I probably won’t make it for the whole family again, even with half the amount of cheese I used. Sometimes when I make pasta I leave part of it plain because the kids tend to like different things — red sauce, pesto, etc — so I may make some for the grownups and leave the rest plain for the Tartlets.


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  1. I actually serve the sauce on the side as a matter of course these days. Some like LOTS O’ SAUCE, some like a mere sprinkling, and some refuse any sauce whatsoever. If I want any substantial portions of dinner to find their way to the empty tummies gathered round my table, I serve it up “family style” and let each tummy suit itself.

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