It’s Another Pink Birthday

Today was Thing 3’s 4th birthday.  She requested an ‘elephant cake’.  For those who don’t know, her little lovey animal is an elephant.  In fact, we had 5 days of despair when we returned from FL and thought the elephant had gotten out of the car on the way home and was off on a little safari adventure alone.  I called every gas station and rest area that I remembered stopping at between FL and IL to see if he was romping in the parking lot or bathroom . . . but Thing 2 found him stuffed under the sofa, after I had shopped at a half dozen stores looking for a substitute.  He wandered (and returned) again a few days ago — we’re beginning to consider a radio tracking collar for him.


THE Elephant is the one on the right.  I was all set to make a gray elephant when Thing 3 said ‘pink’.  This cake is not the fanciest, not the neatest job (I had Thing 3 on the left elbow and Thing 4 on the right elbow as I was trying to get a ‘polished’ finish and we decided to settle for ‘finished without giant pock marks’) — I wanted to work on the ears a bit more and I wasn’t quite happy with the mouth, but the kid loved it.  And that’s ALL that counts! 😀   I used a ‘funfetti’ cake mix rather than baking my own and, you know what?, the kids *don’t care*.  In fact, some of them  prefer the cake mix and most of the time they don’t actually eat much cake anyway.  Most years, the kids ask for a cake from a grocery bakery or the ice cream shop b/c man, we can eat Mom’s cake any day . . . but Meijer, Schnuck’s, Wal-Mart, or Baskin-Robbins? Oh, you only get that on your birthday!   Already Thing 1 is old enough that she really appreciates the home made cake and the specialty finish.


I baked two 8-inch rounds, using one for the head.  Free hand, I cut the trunk out of the second and then used the remainder to make the ears.  We put the candle at the end of his trunk.   Already Thing 4 is excited about her birthday . . . 3 months away!!  She’s requesting something pink . . . surprise! 😉


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  1. Oh how cute! At the college I attended, we have ladies “social tribes.” It’s like sororities, I guess. Anyway, one of them is Kissimee and their color is pink and their animal is the elephant! They would LOVE this cake for their Coke party!

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I love that little guy. He’s soooo cute! Great job. No wonder she was excited.

  3. I have a love for elephants too, I don’t know why, I just do, love the cake!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, ladies!

    The kids thought it was lots of fun and everyone wanted to eat the trunk, for some reason! The ears were the next popular piece, except for Thing 2 who wanted the eyes — b/c the frosting is piled higher there than anywhere else!! That girl loves frosting.

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