Grilled Onions

I have a little recommendation for you. Next time you make brats on the grill, toss on a sliced onion and grill that too. They are very tasty on the brats.



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  1. mmmmmmmmmm…grilled onions, my favorite! Do they not fall through the gill slats? You probably think that’s a silly question but, seriously, do they not get limp enough to fall through? I hate having to get one of those veggie pan things out for something simple like that…

  2. I lost a couple of the inner rings when I put them on the grill in the first place and then lost another when I pulled them off, but I thought it was an overall success. They could have stood to be thicker slices, but I had a half onion in the fridge and wanted enough that we could put on several brats, so I made skimpy, thin slices. I’m so lazy I never get out the ‘griddle’ that came with the grill. 😛

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