A Little Surprise!

Sometimes a recipe is so good, you come back to it again and again. Even when you want something a little ‘different’. I’ve shared about my recent infatuation with key lime and I had hoped to participate in Elena’s Muffin Monday 02 but ‘a day late and dollar short’ doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. IF I would have been on time, this would have been my entry for a muffin that makes you say ‘oooh!’

Tartlet 1 said, “Mom, these are absolutely the best muffins you have EVER made. I don’t know what that stuff in the middle is, but I love it!”

Essentially, I made the same muffin and a half batch of approximately the same mostly lime curd as I’ve posted before, and then I put a little curd in the center of the muffins.


topped with a little more batter:


baked to golden brown:


Some ‘centers’ sank a little lower than others but none of them leaked through.



This will be a new favorite variation. I’m going to have to make larger batches of lime curd and keep them on hand!

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  1. those look amazing. I need your lime curd right now! I just made lemon curd for the first time the other day, it’s wonderful!

  2. I wish I was hanging out with the Tartletts… they get the goods! *grin*

    Those look delicious! Is that the same muffin recipe as the one I mooched from you last year, or a different one?

  3. I like the way the curd bakes in the muffins and not having to put it in afterwards. Great looking bites.

  4. Pluckymama: Curd is fun — and now you can try different flavors. Have fun experimenting!

    Egana: Can’t remember if I gave this exact recipe but it’s based on one in that Muffin cookbook I gave you. I may have given you a printed page of my version? I *do* make these muffins almost as frequently as I make the banana muffins but the family loved the lime curd version so much, I’m not sure I’ll be ‘allowed’ to make them with blueberries or raspberries or whatever! 😉

    Tartelette: Thanks! It didn’t stop the Husband from adding a little extra on his, but it was so fun to watch the family bite into these and say, (in a happy way) “Oh wow! What *is* that inside?!”

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