Beachin’ Good Time


We’re packing up today for our road trip to the beach.  I’ll be back in a little over a week.  I may come back with some recipes to post . . . or not 😉  I’m looking forward to flopping on the beach and eating fresh seafood and watching the Food Network and HGTV during naps and at bedtime — since we don’t have cable, it’s the only time I see it.

Until I get back, I leave you with a super simple treat:


I melted some dark (60%) Ghirardelli chocolate chips with dried cherries, white raisins, and filberts.  YUM!  I hadn’t purchased dried cherries before b/c I figured they were expensive and probably didn’t have all that great of a taste — boy, was I wrong!!  The taste is totally worth the price.  Like I needed another food to love . . .  In fact, if I had tried the cherries first, I wouldn’t have added any raisins at all.

Adios, Amigos!


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  1. Have a great vacation!! Good eating. 🙂


  2. […] periodically buy packages of Welch’s Dried Cherries for a snacking treat or to make a super quick and easy dessert. But ever since I first bought a package, with a recipe on the back for Cherry Oatmeal Cookies, […]

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