Still Tweaking After All These Years

If you ever look at the ‘Today’s Favorite Recipes’ on the side bar, which just counts the top page hits, you’ll notice that Banana Blueberry Muffins is always at the top. It’s a popular search result and gets 10-30 hits per day. It’s a good recipe. I make it a lot myself and have been making it for years. I look at it as a good base recipe from which to springboard into new flavors. Like the Coconut Apricot Hazelnut White Chocolate Chip muffins pictured on that page. Some people would consider that a whole new recipe. I don’t. I consider it a variation.


Yesterday was Black Forest Cake Day and I didn’t make one, but I’ve been thinking about one for a couple of weeks and maybe that influenced my baking this morning. I wouldn’t call this a ‘Black Forest Muffin’ by any stretch . . . not enough chocolate and no whipping cream in sight. But I used up some leftover cherry chips and a half bag of mini chocolate chips on hand, then I added some homemade granola (not *my* homemade granola, but some given to me) in place of nuts, which aren’t usually featured in BFC. Thing 2 said these are the best muffins I have ever made b/c she loves the cherry chips.


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  1. PS. Thing 1 doesn’t like them at all. She only ate half of her muffin and wrinkled up her nose when I asked her about it. It’s hard to please both Things 1 and 2 at the same time!

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