Cookies . . . Meh

At Valentine’s Day I gave the Husband one of those giant Hershey’s kisses. It has been sitting on his dresser all this time. I used to read warnings about leaving chocolate around too long and it would become gray and develop ‘bloom’ and I would wonder . . . who has chocolate just sitting around?? šŸ˜‰ Meet the Husband.

So I regifted his chocolate to him. I chopped it and mixed it with some other milk chocolate and made essentially the Tollhouse recipe with some chopped pecans. I was tempted to add a little orange zest or something to zip it up a little and I wish I would have done so. The chocolate flavor is so diminished and tepid that it’s terribly unexciting. I’ll stick to darker stuff for cookies. The kiss would have been better eaten ‘as is’. I should know better than to give the man chocolate . . . I’ll just stick to lingerie! šŸ˜‰

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