Respite from Rice

When I was shopping on Saturday I found they had dropped the price of a bunch of lamb shoulder steaks by 40% b/c they were a day from expiration.  Any time you have some lamb about to expire, I’ll take it.  I grew up eating lamb b/c we raised them but I’m too stingy to pay the usual $4-8/lb for the stuff . . . but 40% off, I’ll snatch it up! 😉


I tossed the steaks in a bag with some lemon juice and a little olive oil.  Next, I rubbed it with garlic and added sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and oregano.  After cooking the leftover rice all week, we were ready for the break Sunday night.  I grilled the lamb steaks, roasted some spuds, nuked some veggies, and sliced some honeydew for dessert.  Summer is almost here and I’m ready for grilling season.


We bought a new grill at the end of the season last year and I love it.  I’ve even used it in the middle of winter.  It has a thermometer on the lid so once it read 400 F, I added the lamb.  I love the sound of meat searing on the grill.  I turned them after a few minutes ~maybe 5 minutes?  and let them cook another 5-6 minutes.  I don’t like my lamb to bleat as it walks up to my plate and lays down; I like it medium well to well done.  If you like yours less well done, it would only take a couple of minutes per side.

Mmm, tasty.  I think Thing 1 ate 2 steaks and everyone but Thing 4 liked it. I have a couple of steaks leftover and I’m thinking I’ll try to find some naan or other flatbread and slice the lamb and mix with some other stuff, maybe even some rice, to have with a little yogurt sauce.

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  1. wow, finally done with the rice! that took a long time. 🙂 thing 1 is quite the carnivore! 😉

    i like the yogurt idea! it sounds very greek.

    i think i mixed in some garlic and cucumber in the yogurt for a middle-eastern twist.

  2. It’s funny but that’s what we had for dinner, minus the melon. i could have lamb and potaotes every night.
    Looks yummy!

  3. Ramona: Yes, Thing 1 is certainly a carnivore! Unfortunately, there is still part of a pan of rice in the fridge but I think I’m going to finally toss it. 😛

    I love Mediterranean flavors so usually when I make yogurt sauce it’s some form of tzatziki sauce — cuke & garlic, a little lemon juice and maybe a splash of olive oil. I have some leftover steak from last night’s grilling so I’m thinking I’ll slice them thinly with the left over lamb and add a little basmati rice with carrots, etc to make enough for the whole family and make a pseudo-gyro.

    Helen: Thanks! I could eat lamb and potatoes much more often than we do! I am tempted to try the chappatis you made to go with my leftovers . . . but I need to run to the store and get some cottage cheese.

  4. Toss it? No rice pudding?

  5. Ugh. I *hate* rice pudding. 😛 So, no.

    I used part of it last night in a dish of questionable heritage — I browned some breakfast sausage and tossed in some leftover pasta sauce that had some peas in it and then added shrimp, rice and Tabasco sauce. It wasn’t like paella, or jambalaya, or anything else, really. Thing 4 called it ‘pizza rice’.

    The rest of the rice went in the garbage. Free, free at last.

  6. gyros! nat loves gyros, but i’m not a big fan so he’s been gyro deprived for awhile (well, since germany anyways).

    there can never be too much rice! if you ever had a big surplus, let me know. we can probably use it up in a jiffy. 😉 baby seems like to rice (just like mama). 🙂

  7. Between the “pizza rice” and lingerie for the husband, I have been giggling all day. I do enjoy a good giggle. 😀

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