Trifling with Leftovers

I’ve been a busy girl in the kitchen this week but not so busy with blogging. I hope to catch up in the next couple of days. Thing 1 has begun to sigh at the end of cooking, announcing — well, we’ll get to eat soon . . . as soon as Mom is done taking pictures of dinner, anyway. 😛


A couple of months ago I wanted to bake a birthday cake for a couple of people in our small group . . . but I was flitting around and constantly distracted by the kids and I managed to miss nearly all of Glenna’s wonderful Secrets for A Successful Cake. I greased my pan and set it aside to cut out the waxed paper lining and I don’t know where I went next but came back and started mixing my cake and then poured it into the pan and after the batter hit the pan I cringed — oh, man, I forgot the waxed paper and I only greased, not greased and floured . . . I really don’t want to scrape this out and wash the pan and start over . . . I’ll just hope for the best. I baked it . . . too long . . . my white cake wasn’t very white 😛 Then I set it aside to cool and remembered it about *2 hours* later. Ah, crud. It wouldn’t come out. No amount of coaxing was going to get that out. I ended up tearing it to bits trying to get it out of the pan. I stuck it in freezer bags for use on a later date and ended up whipping up another dessert and abandoning the idea of a birthday cake altogether . . . no one knows what they missed out on unless you tell them . . . they didn’t know I was going to surprise them with a birthday cake so they were happy with the chocolate desserts we ended up with. 😉 We were happy to eat this trifle with leftover fruit salad, using strawberry juice rather than sherry or brandy:


I cut up some fresh strawberries and sprinkled a little sugar on top and let them stand for a few minutes to get the strawberries juicy.

I grated the rind of a lime and stirred it into a container of Cool Whip (since we girls are lactose intolerant I use it more often than real whipping cream).

In my bowl I layered:

cake, crumbled in smaller bits

lime Cool Whip



lime Cool Whip

leftover fruit salad with plums, pears, apples, oranges, and kiwi


lime Cool Whip


Everyone loved it and it’s a nice light dessert.


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  1. uuuuuu yummy!!

  2. i like the idea of doing trifle with left over fruit salad and crumbly cake! my mum always does it with lady fingers or angel food cake – sometimes boxed cake. [came across your post when looking for “trifle” pictures]

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