LOT#3 is Coming Soon!

This time Leftover Tuesday, the brain child of David at Cooking Chat, is to be hosted by Megan at What’s Cooking. After Saturday’s party I have 2, yes that’s 2, 9×13 pans that are 2.5 inches deep FULL of white rice. I will probably be able to make a wide assortment of leftovers for this one! We finished off the Vegetable Soft Noodles on Monday and Thing 1 and I polished off the last of the Hunan Chicken for lunch Tuesday so the rice is the only thing left that I didn’t freeze.

Last night for dinner I cooked some ground beef and onion with a can of corn, a jar of peach and mango salsa, and a bunch of rice and we had taco salad with some leftover chips in the closet from a week ago (crisped in the oven last night). We piled some romaine, grape tomatoes, black olives and cheddar cheese on top. Yum. I used some of the leftovers from that to make the Husband some burritos for lunch today. How many iterations of leftovers can we come up with here?? Leftovers often have a Mexican flavor here, but for LOT #3 I’m going to try to come up with something a little different. Mmmm . . . off to play in the kitchen!

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