Fruit Salad — Yummy! Yummy!


My family is in complete agreement with The Wiggles that fruit salad is, indeed, “Yummy! Yummy!” (As a side note, I just learned that Greg has left The Wiggles due to health problems 😦 ) Last night I made this fruit salad for our dessert and it filled a 4 L bowl; this morning there is about half remaining. Things 2 and 4 are particularly fond of fruit and will eat fruit salad by the cup. There are far worse things they could want and I usually won’t say ‘no’ to more fruit when they ask.

Many years ago (before he was even the Boyfriend), the Husband took a trip to the Philippines and brought back a video of a guy on the street selling pineapples. The guy was sitting on the ground with the pineapple in front of him and you see the pineapple spinning in circles as he twists from the top with one hand and the outside and pineapple ‘eyes’ go flying with the knife he holds in the other hand. In a minute or so he makes the pineapple look something like this:


It takes me more than a minute. I only do this a few times a year rather than many times a day, though. It seems like the least wasteful method of cleaning up the pineapple. Since the ‘eyes’ grow in a spiral, it’s easy to just follow a line around the pineapple. Sometimes for a fancy party I’ll use one of these as a decoration and then chop it afterward to eat.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me how I so often end up with a pretty fruit salad and I feel a little stupid saying, “Well, I cut up fruit in a bowl and the fruit does the rest”. I realized recently that there is something of a pattern that I could share, but really, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit.

1. Use at least 4 different colors of fruits including at least one red and purple/blue and at least 6 different kinds of fruits (there are 8 in the one pictured).

2. Use a mixture of sweet and tart fruits.

That’s it. It’s a perfect way to get your ‘Five a Day the Colorful Way’. Here’s a list of yummy fruits I often use and I’m sure there are more I’ve left out:



Red plums

Red grapes, halved





Mandarin oranges (the one canned item I’ll frequently add to fruit salad — it’s got a bright color, sweet taste, and most people like them)


Peaches (in winter I’ll use my home canned ones too)




Pineapple (fresh is always best but canned in juice will work — the pineapple juice keeps apples, pears, etc from browning so I almost always use pineapple in fruit salad)

Red and Green apples with the skins on — color counts twice 😉

Pears, with or without skins

Canary melon

Banana (I use these only when I’m going to serve it immediately and I have pineapple in the mix)

White cherries


Green grapes, halved


Honeydew melon




Dark grapes, halved

Black plums

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