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I must have picked up the bug Thing 2 had last week that developed into a double ear infection for her.  I was down with a fever Monday and am now coughing and hacking 😛

Yesterday, I made a non-traditional chicken and rice soup for myself with what I could scrounge up — chicken breast soaked in soy sauce and wine, box of chicken broth, onion, garlic, ginger slices, more soy sauce, parsnip, carrot, celery, partial bag of frozen mixed veggies, leftover basmati rice, and a little whipped egg.  I was too tired and lazy to take pictures and make a pretty post out of it.  Thing 2 declared it looked disgusting and she wasn’t about to eat it, then she decided she’d just have a little bit and then decided she wanted seconds — but make sure you put in more than the first time!

Last night for dinner I made chicken breast, oven roasted potatoes and a bag of frozen mixed veggies.  If you buy Meijer brand frozen vegetables, you get a blend of corn, peas, carrots and green beans; if they are Wal-Mart or Freshlike brands, you also get lima beans.  The freezer has been stocked with a lot of Meijer brand for a while but the last time I bought stuff, Freshlike was on sale so that’s what came home.

As we began our dinner, Thing 1 perked up and grinned, “Lima beans!  My favorite!” and proceeded to eat all the lima beans out of her serving before touching anything else.

Thing 2 asks, “Lima beans? Where?”  Then, spotting them on her own plate, starts pulling them out and announces, “Yum! Lima beans are my favorite too!”

Thing 4 is all about ‘Me Too’ so she figures out what they are getting and picks up a lima bean and says, “Yum! Yima beans. My favorite!”  Then holds up a green bean and wrinkles her nose — “Yucky.  Me not like these.”

I told Thing 2 she ought to start calling green beans her favorite and then maybe Thing 4 would eat them too (she has never liked green beans, starting back in that mushy food stage to the present).  A few minutes later Thing 2 says to Thing 4, “Yum! Green beans are my favorite too!”  Thing 4 handed her several green beans from her plate, “Here!”  She may go along with the crowd for a while, but the girl knows her mind when it comes to green beans!


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  1. Good girl. Limas good, greens bad.

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