Wacky Nut Job

At the Grocery Store tonight I was picking up a bottle each of red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar from the clearance rack, opposite the regular vinegar shelves, when behind me I hear a Man complaining to his Wife/Girlfriend about the abundance of foods.

Man: Like look at this — what kind of Wacky Nut Job needs more than one bottle of vinegar?

I almost said, “Excuse me, Wacky Nut Job coming through.”

I figured that would be nicer than a sneering snobbish remark on the uneducated oafs that assume one bottle of vinegar is sufficient for all cooking purposes.

Of course, I didn’t actually SAY anything, but I chuckled to myself.

I don’t particularly think of myself as a vinegar fan or that I use it either frequently or generously. Then I started a mental tabulation — at home I have white/distilled vinegar (although I grant you that I usually only use that for mopping the floor), cider vinegar for all sorts of things, rice vinegar for my Asian foods, a different variety of balsamic vinegar that I love for marinating beef, and . . . did I use up the rest of that raspberry vinegar? I know I finished off the huckleberry vinegar. Oh my! Wacky Nut Job! I guess the only common vinegar I don’t buy is malt vinegar, which I associate with fish -n- chips and I’m not particularly fond of breaded, deep-fried white fish.

So, confess, are you a Wacky Nut Job?

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  1. Me? Of course, but it’s not related to vinegar. As of Saturday, I had these vinegars: white, rice, malt, red wine, white wine w/tarragon, cider, and balsamic. But all I really need anymore is the balsamic. But since Balsamic is pricey when I’m measuring vinegar by the cup, I also have a use for the cider. 🙂

  2. I own ricex2, balsmaic (white and darkx2), apple cider, red wine, white, and probably a few more. But I am a food scienctist and therefore it is research. I also get to watch the Food Network as “research”. It really is a fine field of study. Does that make me a “Wacky Nut Job” or a nerd?

  3. i am currently in possession of red, white, balsamic, distilled, and rice. i only really used the balsamic and white, does this make me a semi wacky nut job?

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