Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, Charming Billy?


I think the Husband (whose name is NOT Billy) would say that I have passed the Cherry Pie Test for spousal suitability, many times over, in fact, and left my mother some long time ago! 😉 Today is National Cherry Pie Day and Thing 1 asked if I would please make a cherry pie b/c she especially likes how I ‘decorate’ them. I couldn’t quite remember how I usually do this and I didn’t have it written down anywhere, but now I will, sort of.

Those of you who frequent this blog but who don’t attend church with me must wonder what sort of baby factory we have when I say that once again I’m making a meal for a couple who just had a baby. Well — it’s a wonderful baby factory! 😀 Just wait until August/September b/c I think within a month’s time I know five couples who are expecting a new baby and, NO, we don’t belong to a mega-church. Those whose taste I know better than others will get something beside the usual citrus grilled chicken and potatoes! 😛

For today I wanted something a little different than a generic cherry pie. One of my favorites is Cranberry Cherry Pie. I used the No Fail Pie Crust recipe I posted some time ago. I made a 10-inch deep dish pie for us and I bought a disposable pie pan for the New Parents and those things are considerably smaller — 8 or 9″ and fairly shallow. I ended up with more cherry than cranberry rather than my usual split (typically for my 10-inch deep dish I use 2 cans pie filling and 1 can cranberry sauce but if I would have added more cranberry sauce today, it would have been way too much filling).


3 cans cherry pie filling (2 were ‘lite’/less sugar but not with sugar substitutes and was a ‘more cherries’ can)

1 can whole berry cranberry sauce

orange zest

several (4-5) tablespoons of orange juice concentrate

nutmeg (I’d guess 1-1.5 teaspoons — I just sprinkled it on top and stirred it in)

cornstarch (a couple tablespoons)

I think I usually use egg instead of cornstarch b/c the mix looked much lighter when I stirred it up than I remember it. I haven’t cut into it yet to see how the texture came out because for dessert tonight the family wanted to eat what we made with a little leftover pie crust, a ‘black bottom’ banana cream pie:


Banana cream pie is the Husband’s favorite pie. I sliced bananas into the bottom of the crust, made a chocolate ganauche and poured over them, then topped with the sickeningly sweet concoction of Jell-O pudding (a mix of vanilla and cheesecake flavores, made with less milk than normal) and Cool Whip. The kids love the top and I go along behind them eating up the chocolate left on their plates! 😉

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  1. And, yes, I did crimp the edges of all three pies differently.

  2. You are truly an incredible woman, wife, and mom! 😉

  3. I second that Ramona’s comment.

    Thanks for the meal. We sat down last night to eat and sounded like a bunch of starving hyenas. We used to have long thoughtful conversations at dinner, but now it’s survival of the fittest, especially with a fruittart meal. Conversation is for the weak. When she she looked up to ask me how my day was, I grabbed her piece of pie and locked myself in the bathroom.

  4. first. i am writing to food network so you get your own show. second. you were talking about me in that other post…im the care package girl (right?) and THANK YOU for posting the recipe for those choco cookies. Im laughing that they have PHILberts in them. what a nut that PHIlbert.

  5. Ramona: *blushing* Thank you, but I only show you the pretty finished products, not the mess in the kitchen afterward . . . selective photograhpy! 😉

    Mully: I’m glad you and Mrs. Mully enjoyed the dinner 🙂 You crack me up.

    KLo: You are, indeed, The Care Package Girl, no longer cloaked in anonymity. YOU ARE WELCOME! 😉

  6. We had some of this pie tonight . . . it was OK . . . but I used too much orange in it. Half the juice concentrate would have been plenty. The texture was good — just the right amount of goopiness, not gelled solid and not liquid. Since I didn’t add extra sugar it was a little tangy and the kids definitely preferred the sugar high of the banana cream pie to the cranberry cherry.

  7. fruittart: even with a messy kitchen, it doesn’t make you less amazing. 🙂

    mully: hmm, survival of the fittest, huh? well, i guess i need to start working out so that i can get my fair share of food when the baby is born. 🙂

  8. Beautiful website— I love it! I myself am making a cherry pie for my husband and was looking for some advice.

  9. I don’t know if im going to get replies of people calling me sad for being on this site as I am male, and 17 years old, but I manage to stumble upon this page and I made the banana cream pie for my girlfriend, anyways just wanted to say thanks on the AMAZING recipe, it definitely went down a treat
    how do i know this?
    she changed her facebook status to Charlotte:Has the most amazing boyfriend in the world!
    So Honestly, thank you soooooooooo much, you’re a legend!
    Im gonna keep checking out your posts! =]
    Much Love
    Nathan =]

  10. banana cream pie is the boom like tick tick

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