I thought of you last night. Really, I did. As I was putting the last fresh fruits and veggies in my cart, I thought — oh, I should bring someone shopping with me. Someone with some control.

Yesterday I went to the post office and afterward drove to the Husband’s favorite take out place b/c I didn’t have much left in the kitchen and didn’t feel like cooking, a common Thursday occurance. But all the people who had been snowed in for Valentine’s Day were taking advantage of a night out — I couldn’t even find a place to park. I drove home and scrounged up a dinner that was made primarily of boxed stuffing and frozen vegetables with a small amount of chicken/apple sausage. I won’t be posting any recipes from that. So, after the kids were in bed, I trudged off to the grocery store, feeling completely uninspired with the week’s menu I had made and not really wanting to cook at all.

Sometimes I’m convinced they put some sort of happy drugs in the air supply at the grocery. There was hardly anyone there last night — I parked only four cars from the door. It was quiet. That alone is like a drug for me . . . ah, quiet in which to *think*. I have a routine to my shopping — I start at the back of the store and work my way to the front so the frozen items stay cold and the fruits and veggies don’t get squished. By the time I had gotten to the produce, I had nearly an hour of therapeutic quiet and was beginning to feel quite good, optimistic, even unrealistic, about what I might cook in the coming week. Sunday is the Chinese New Year, and while my parents lacked the foresight to give me a Chinese grandmother, I started planning some of my favorite foods. Egg roll wrappers are on sale. Bean sprouts. Red bell peppers for the same price as green — and not mushy, but firm and lovely. Garlic. Snow peas.

From there, it was a short step to Food Fantasyland. I started looking at some of the foods on the shelves that I’ve never purchased and wondered what they taste like and how to cook them. Daikon. Taro root. When I start wondering if I ought not give beets another chance, I *know* I’ve been in the produce aisles too long. I put a couple of blood oranges in my cart. Based on conversations with MN, I bought a couple temple oranges, too. I bought parsnips, Heather. I’m going to bake them with some chicken and vegetables. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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  1. Let me know what you think. A few weeks ago they were on sale and I bought 42. Now they’re juiced, frozen into ice cubes, and bagged up in the deep freeze.

  2. daikon tastes like a red radish, but without the spice. i think it also tastes like a turnip. it’s got a certain sweetness to it.

    taro is starchy like a potato, but when you cook it it doesn’t get mushy like a potato. it has a certain sweetness to it too. in chinese dishes it’s used for savory and sweet dishes, but i’ve seen it mostly for sweet dishes. 🙂

  3. I am so proud of you! DH bought me turnips recently, to go in a mash with parsnips and carrots. That was Valentines day, with the whole family home. Salmon with a tamato caper sauce and fondant potatoes. I’ll give you that recipe sometime – or start my own food blog (flog?) But anyway the turnips came with leafy stuff attached! What to do with them? Turnip greens – 26 years incountry and I have avoided them so far!

    Chicken and Apple minis? I picked that up yesterday, too! We ended up with a tasty meal, thanks to dd18!

    She made them with the brandy cream sauce recipe mentioned on the back of the package, (good marketing move!) Served over rice, with sliced carrots in a parsley sauce. Mmm,mmm!

    Tonight she is producing a chocolate raspberry torte thing.

    Knee deep in snow but eating good in the midwest!


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